Veteran’s Day Exhibit in Coleman Library

Veteran’s Day Exhibition

November 2023

In early November 2023, Acquisitions Librarian Sharon Barnes and Library Associate Sabrina Francis coordinated the efforts of a host of students, staff, and, scholars to curate an exhibition for Veteran’s Day in the John B. Coleman Library.

The exhibition was truly a team effort. It included contributions from Delorse Hawkins, Cesselly Churchill, Ruben Nchama, Karl Henson, Musa Olaka, Phyllis Earles, Evelyn Davis, Susan Streety, Neal Bostwick, James Williams, and Digital PV Panther Project team leader Noah Jackson, who created a slideshow of digital images pertaining to military history on campus.

On November 16, Sharon Barnes sent a congratulatory email to the team, which exclaimed:

I cannot express how honored I am to have worked with you all on this project. The Veterans Day display was a hit! None of this could have been possible without you.  😊



Thank You!

We want to thank Sharon Barnes and Sabrina Francis for coordinating this effort, and we look forward to working together in the future to put the history of PVAMU on display for the public!