Black Digital Humanities Projects & Resources

A list of projects, resources, events, and anything else.

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AADHUM Synergies at the University of Maryland 

AAS 21 Repertoire – Princeton African American Studies

Activist Studio West

A Call to Negro Women: A (Little Known) Black Feminist Manifesto

A Colony in Crisis: The Saint-Domingue Grain Shortage of 1789

A People’s Archive of Police Violence in Cleveland

A Red Record – Revealing lynching sites in North Carolina

‘A Shaky Truce’ : Starkville Civil Rights Struggles, 1960-1980

African Activist Archive Project

African American AIDS History Project

African American Civil War Soldiers Project

African American Design Nexus

African American Civil War Soldiers — Zooniverse

The Activist Studio West

African American Experience in Athens

The African American Midwest

*African American Oral History Collection (Louisville, Ky.)

African-American Poets of the 19th Century

African American Poetry (1870-1926): A Digital Anthology

African-American Religion: A Documentary History Project     

African American Sheet Music

African Americans & the US Presidency

African Americans in Ohio

African American Women Writers of the 19th Century

The African Diaspora in the Indian Ocean World

African Diaspora in Ottoman Izmir

African Nova Scotians in the Age of Slavery and Abolition

African Origins


Against All Odds – The First Black Legislators in Mississippi


*African American Odyssey

African Diaspora, Ph.D

The Black Experience in Children’s Books: Selections from Augusta Baker’s Bibliographies – NYPL Digital Collections

Africana Memoirs: Database of Black Women’s Autobiography 

Africana Digital Humanities institute

Afro-Asian Networks


Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy Database

AFRO Publishing Without Walls

Alice Dunbar-Nelson Reads

Alternate Campus Tours (This site highlights the connection between African American history, slavery, and university campuses)

American Memory: Historical Collections for the National Digital Library 

American Panorama: The Forced Migration of Enslaved People

American Slavery Documents / Duke Digital Repository

Amistad Research Center

The Anna Julia Cooper Center

Anna Julia Cooper Collection

Anguilla Archaeological and ​Historical Society

Antioch AME History

Anthologies of African American Writing

Apartheid Heritages: The Spatial History of South Africa’s Black Townships

Arabella Chapman Project

Archive Liberia

Archiving the Black Web

Ardhi Initiative

Atlanta Studies

Atlantic Black Box

The Atlantic World Archive (@theatlanticworldarchive)

Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History


Baldwin’s Paris

Baltimore ’68: Riots and Rebirth 

Baltimore’s Civil Rights Heritage

Behind the Veil: Documenting African American Life in the Jim Crow South

The Berkeley Revolution

Big City Map

Black Abolitionist Archive

Black and Irish

Black Archives

Black Archives of Mid-America

Black at Bryn Mawr

Black Atlantic

Black Beauty Archives

Black Bottom Archives

Black Broadway on U

Black Craftspeople Digital Archive

“Black Code.” The Black Scholar, 47(3) 

“Black DH” Special Issue, Reviews in Digital Humanities (3.4)

Black Drama Collection | Textual Optics Lab

Black Film Archive

Black Fire at UVa

The Black Girlhood Project 

Black Gotham Archive

Black Gotham Experience

Real Black Grandmothers: Black Grandmother Stories

Black in Appalachia: Community History Digital Archive

Black Lesbian Archives

Black Liberation 1969 Digital Archive

Black Issues, Policing, Protest Zines | Sherwood Forest Zine Library

The Black Lunch Table

Black Metropolis Research Consortium

The Black Midwest Initiative

Black New Yorkers

Black Panthers Digital Collections 

Black People’s Hair

*Black Periodical Literature Project


Black Perspectives – AAIHS

Black Power! 19th Century Newark 

The Black Press in 19th-century Canada and Beyond

Black Press Research Collective

*Black Quotidian

Black Research Archive on the Internet: Toward a research program for eBlack Studies

Black Scranton Project

Black Self-Publishing

The Black Short Story Dataset – Vol. 1

Black Solidarity Day | Brief History

Black Sound Lab – Amplifying Black Life Through Digital Practice

Black Studies & Digital Humanities Dataverse

Black Studies Summer Seminar

Black Womanhood: The Syllabus

Black Women Radicals

Black Women Writers Project

Black Women’s Suffrage | DPLA

Black Writing and Thought Collection | Textual Optics Lab

Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers’ Project, 1936-1938

Bronzeville Historical Society

Bronx African American Oral History Project

Building the Black Press


California African American Museum

The Caribbean Commons

The Caribbean Digital

The Caribbean Diaspora Project

Caribbean, Digital History Course (multiple versions, at UWI St. Augustine)

The Caribbean Memory Project

Caribbean, Making of Caribbean Feminisms Project

Caribbean Review of Gender Studies (CRGS; Open Access, from IGDS, UWI St. Augustine)

Carisealand – Sustainable Caribbean Futures

Cassey & Dickerson Friendship Album Project

Cataloging Africana

Celebrating Simms: The Story of the Lucy F. Simms School

The Celia Project: A Research Collaboration on the History of Slavery and Sexual Violence

Century of Black Mormons

The Charles Chesnutt Archive

Chicago Defender Archives

Chicory Digital Archive (Magazine of African American Poetry in Baltimore, 1966-1983) 

Lesson plans and workshop ideas using Chicory

Follow Chicory on Instagram @Chicory_Baltimore

Choptank River Heritage (Maryland’s Eastern Shore; maps)

The Church of Black Feminist Thought

Civil Rights Digital Library

Civil Rights in Black and Brown

Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive

Civil Rights Greensboro

Civil Rights in Southeast North Carolina: The School, the Market, and the Ballot Box

Claude McKay’s Early Poetry (1911-1922)

Climates of Inequality

The Coalition to Remember the 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre

Community Futures

Compton 125 Historical Society

Colored Conventions Project

Contemporary Monuments to the Slave Past

Cornell Hip Hop Collection

Create Caribbean Research Institute

The Crisis (1911-1922)

Crossroads at Clarksdale

The Crossroads Project

Cultural Encyclopedia

Crispus Attucks Museum

Critical Race and Digital Studies – Syllabus & Publications & Public Works

Crunk Feminist Collective


Dark Laboratory

Data 4 Black Lives

Data Fail: Teaching Data Literacy with African Diaspora Digital Humanities

The David Walker Lupton African American Cookbook Collection

The David Walker Memorial Project

dc1968 project

The Diaspora Solidarities Lab

*Digital Aponte

Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery

*Digital Blackness Conference (videos on YouTube)

The Digital Colored American Magazine

Digital Diasporas

Digital Harlem

Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC)

Digital Library on American Slavery 

Digital Nollywood

Digital Schomburg

Digitizing Diaspora 

Distributed AI Research Institute

*Diversifying the Digital Historical Record

DocSouth / DocSouth Data

Documenting The Now

Documenting Venture Smith Project

Douglass Day

Douglass Global Decentralized OS | The Beloved Community License

Dunham’s Data: Katherine Dunham and Digital Methods for Dance Historical Inquiry


Early African American Film: Reconstructing the History of Silent Race Films, 1909-1930

Early Caribbean Digital Archive

*eBlack Studies

eBlackCU: A Collaborative Portal on African American Experiences in Champaign-Urbana

Early Black Boston Digital Almanac

Editorial Networks of the Antebellum African American Press

Eleven Names Project

Emmett Till Memory Project

Emmett Till Archives | DigiNole

Enquire of the Printer

Enslaved: Peoples of the Historical Slave Trade

Ethics and Archiving the Web, March 22nd-24th, 2018

The Eulogy Project

Examination Days: The New York African Free School Collection

Experiment – Encrypted & Vulnerable


Fanm Rebèl

Fannie Lou Hamer’s America

Fashioning the Self in Slavery and Freedom

Feast Afrique —Digital Library

F.B. Eyes Digital Archive: FBI Files on African American Authors Obtained through the U.S.

First Blacks in the Americas

Fort Negley Descendants Project

Frances Harper | The Frances Project

The Freedmen’s Bureau Transcription Project 

The Freedwomen’s Bureau

Freedmen and Southern Society Project

The Frederick Douglass Papers at the Library of Congress

The Frederick Douglass Papers

Frederick Douglass in Britain 

Frederick Douglass on the Eastern Shore (Blog and forthcoming book)

Frederick Douglass in Washington, D.C. The Lion of Anacostia (Blog and book)

Fredi Washington Reader

The Freedom Mosaic

Freedom’s Ring: King’s I have a Dream Speech

Freedom on the Move

From Slavery to Freedom Lab

From the American Revolution to the Negro American Revolution

Funk, God, Jazz, Medicine: Black Radical Brooklyn [public art exhibit]

Furious Flower Archive

Freedom in Full Bloom: Juneteenth History Resources


The Gates Preserve

Georgetown Slavery Archive

The Geography of Slavery in Virginia

Get Free, Hip Hop Civics

Global Poetics Project

The Global Timbuktu Project of Rutgers University Center for African Studies

The Gloria Naylor Archive

Goin’ North: Stories from the First Great Migration to Philadelphia

The Green Book of South Carolina

The Great Migration Project: A City Transformed

Guide to Black History | National Archives

Guide to the Harlem Renaissance at the Library of Congress

Haiti: An Island Luminous

Haiti and the Atlantic World

The Haitian Atlantic: A Literary Geography

The Haiti Lab

Hallowed Grounds: Race, Slavery and the University of Alabama

Harambee City

Harlem Education History Project [site under maintenance as of 1/22]

The Harlem Shadows Project

The Hartford Black History Project

Harvard’s Agents of Change: The Founding and Impact of the African-American Student Union

Harvard Business School’s Railroads and the Transformation of Capitalism Exhibit

Harvard Business School’s Women, Enterprise and Society Collection

The Henry McNeal Turner Project

Hiphop Archive & Research Institute | Rebuild, Respect, Represent

History Is A Weapon

History Leaks

Honoring the Enslaved

Hughes Estate Map · Hughes Archeological Research Project


iBlack Studies

Index of African American History in the JAH

Images of African Americans from the 19th Century

In Motion: The African-American Migration Experience 

In Pursuit of Freedom

In the Same Boats

Independent Voices : An Open Access Collection of an Alternative Press

Indianapolis Recorder

Islands in the North: Making Space and Place in Black Toronto


Jean Toomer’s Cane: Digital Edition

The Jesuit Plantation Project

The Jim Crow Museum

John W. Jones in Elmira, NY

Journal of Slavery and Data Preservation

Jubilo! The Emancipation Century

Just Teach One: Early African American Print


Kennedy Prints! A Letterpress Printery

The Knotted Line


La Gazette Royale – A Journey Through Haiti’s Early Print Culture

Lantern Project Montgomery County Probate Court

Last Road to Freedom

Last Seen: Finding Family After Slavery

The LatiNegrxs Project

The Learning Tree: A Gordon Parks Archive Project

Left of Black

Legacy of Lynching

Legacy of Slavery in Maryland

Liberated Africans

Life x Code: DH Against Enclosure

Linked Jazz

Linking Lost Jazz Shrines

Livingstone Online

the liquid blackness project

Locating Slavery’s Legacies

Looking Glass

Lost Friends: Advertisements from the Southwestern Christian Advocate 

Lost in the City: An Exploration of Edward P. Jones’s Short Fiction

Louisiana Slave Conspiracies

Louisville Leader

Lowcountry Digital History Initiative 

Love and Suspense in Paris Noir


Lynching in America


Madam C.J. Walker Collection

Making Africa – Vitra Designer Exhibition

Making African Connections Digital Archive

Making of America

Malcolm X : A Research Site

Malcolm X in Lansing

Mapping the Bicentennial International Exposition: Port-au-Prince, Haiti (1949-1950)

Mapping Black Methodism

Mapping Marronage

Mapping Memories of Africville

Mapping Police Violence

Mapping the Freedmen’s Bureau

Mapping the Haitian Revolution

Mapping the Stacks

March on Milwaukee

Marronage in Saint-Domingue

MAAP: Mapping the African American Past

Martin Luther King, Jr. Research & Education Institute

Massachusetts Hip-Hop Archive

Mississippi Civil Rights Project

Mississippi Historical Markers

MIT Black History

The Mixtape Museum

The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Memorable Days: The Emilie Davis Diaries

The Millican “Riot,” 1868

Monroe & Florence Work Today

Monuments, Slavery, and the Digital Humanities

More than Just a Building: The Kenyatta International Convention Center

Musical Passage: A Voyage to 1688 Jamaica


NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

The Nat Turner Project

National Center on Race and Digital Justice

The Nicest Kids in Town

Negro Electro

Negro Travelers’ Green, Book

NEH-ODH IATH: Space and Place in Africana/Black Studies

The New Map of Empire: Charting Contested Caribbean Space (MapScholar)

The New York African Free School Collection (NYHS) 

North Carolina Runaway Slave Advertisements, 1750-1865

The North Star: A Journal of African American Religious History

Northeast Slavery Records Index (NESRI)


Oceans of Kinfolk

The Oak of Jerusalem: Flight, Refuge, and Reconnaissance in the Great Dismal Swamp

Obeah Histories | Researching Prosecution for Religious Practice in the Caribbean

On Monuments

On The Books – Jim Crow and Algorithms of Resistance 

On These Grounds: Slavery and the University

One More Voice

Ontario Black History

Open-Access African-American Literature Corpus, 1853-1923

Our Data Bodies Project


The Panther and the Lash: Black Literary Movement Publications and the Black Aesthetic

Path to “Visible Glory”: The Million Man March in the Redmond Collection

Paul Laurence Dunbar Digital Collection

Payne Theological Seminary and A.M.E. Church Archive

Penn & Slavery

People Not Property: Slave Deeds, Digital Library on American Slavery

Photographic Life of Harriet: Tubman’s Life in Pictures

Placing Segregation

Preserve The Baltimore Uprising 2015 Archive Project

The Princeton & Slavery Project

Printing Hate: How white-owned newspapers incited racial terror in America

Project Myopia

The Project on the History of Black Writing

Putting Them on the Map: Mapping the Agents of the Colored Co-operative Publishing Company + map

PVAMU HBCU Voting Rights Lab – Center for Race and Justice


Queering Slavery Working Group

Quilting African American Experiences in Northeast Ohio


Race + Data Science Resources

Race and Place: An African American Community in the Jim Crow South

Race and Slavery Petitions Project

Race, Memory, and the Digital Humanities Conference (archived page)

Racial Terror: Lynching in Virginia, 1877-1927

The Rainbow Sign

Randolph Linsly Simpson African-American Collection


The Red Book of Houston

Reframing Resistance: 1858

Remembering Rondo | A History Harvest

Renewing Inequality 

Revisiting Rebellion: Nat Turner in the American Imagination

Rhythm of Wisdom Podcasting 

Rice University Between Decisions: From Co-education to Integration (1957-1970)

Richard Pryor’s Peoria

1853 Richmond and its Slave Market

Rikers Public Memory Project

Robert Penn Warren’s Who Speaks for the Negro: An Archival Collection 

Roots Cuisine


RSHHGG Lab: Online Index and Lab for the Revue de la Société Haïtienne d’Histoire, de Géographie et de Géologie


Runaway Slaves in Britain: bondage, freedom and race in the eighteenth century


Sapelo Square

Save Sewanee Black History

The Say It Loud Project (@SayItLoud_NN) / Twitter

Searchable Museum (NMAAHC)

See you when I see you: Black Student Life at UCSC 1965-present

Segregated Austin

Sewanee Slavery Project

Sharing Our Legacy Dance Theatre

Simmons College of Kentucky

Singing the Nation

Slave Narratives | WordSeer

Slave Rebellion Reenactment

Slave Revolt in Jamaica, 1760-1761

Slave Societies Digital Archive

Slave Streets, Free Streets: Visualizing the Landscape of Early Baltimore 

Slavers Of New York (@slaversofny)

Slavery, Abolition, Emancipation and Freedom: Primary Sources from Houghton Library

Slavery Adverts 250

Slavery and the Making of the University (UNC-CH)

Slavery Database | George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Slavery Images: A Visual Record of the African Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Early African Diasporas

Slavery Law & Power

SNCC Digital Gateway

Sojourners Trail (beta guide)

Sojourner Truth Memorial Committee

The Sojourner Truth Project

Sojourner Truth School of Social Change Leadership 

Soweto ’76 Archive

Soul of Reason

South Adams Street @ 1900 | an historic ypsilanti african-american neighborhood

Starkville Civil Rights, 1960-1980

Sundown Towns – History and Social Justice

sx archipelagos

sx salon


Tech and Sensibility

Texas Slavery Project

Texas Domestic Slave Trade Project

Texas Freedom Texas Domestic Slave Trade ProjectColonies Project 

The Third Chapter Project, Inc.

Truth-Telling: Frances Willard and Ida B. Wells

Tufts University’s African American Trail

Twenty Years of Religious Racism in Brazil

Two Plantations


Umbra Search African American History

*Unknown No Longer | Virginia Historical Society

(Un)Silencing Slavery: Remembering the Enslaved at Rose Hall Plantation, Jamaica

Untold RVA 


Valley of the Shadow

Vinegar Hill: A Memoryscape

Virginia African American Historic Sites Database

Virginia Untold: The African American Narrative

Virtual Bethel

*Virtual Harlem

Virtual Martin Luther King, Jr. Project

The Vision & Justice Project

The Visiting Room

Visualizing Emancipation

Visualizing the Red Summer

1875 Voter Registration Books | historydiy

Voyages: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database


Walter O. Evans collection of Frederick Douglass and Douglass Family Papers

The Ward: Race and Class in DuBois’ Seventh Ward

*Weeksville Heritage Center Lost Jazz Shrines of Brooklyn [1919-2015] (finding aid)

WEB Du Bois Papers

William Still: An African-American Abolitionist

William Still’s Philadelphia – Celebrating the 200th Birthday of the Abolitionist and Activist

Witness Stones Project

Women of the Early Harlem Renaissance (1900-1922)


Yale Slavery and Abolition Portal

Yoruba Diaspora


The Zine Guide: African-American & Black Voices

Pay-Walled Resources

African American Experience , 1693-1830 (Readex)

African American Historical Serials Collection (EBSCO)

African American Newspapers, 1827-1998 (Readex)

Afro-Americana imprints, 1535-1922: from the Library Company of Philadelphia  

*Archive of Americana  

*American Broadsides and Ephemera. Series I (Readex)

*Archive of Americana.  

*American Civil War: Letters and Diaries (Alexander Street) 

*American Consumer Culture : Market Research & American Business, 1935-1965 (Adam Matthew)  

* (ProQuest)

*Archive of Americana (Readex)  

*Arte Público Hispanic Historical Collection. Series 1 (EBSCO)  

*Arte Público Hispanic Historical Collection: Series 2 (EBSCO)  

*Associated Press Collections Online  (Gale Cengage Learning)

*Black Abolitionist Papers (ProQuest)  

* Black Freedom Struggle in the United States (ProQuest) (now open access)

* Black Studies Center (ProQuest) 

* Black Thought and Culture (Alexander Street)  

*Colonial State Papers (ProQuest)  

*Declassified Documents Reference System (Gale Cengage Learning)  

*Early American Imprints, Series I. Evans (1639-1800)

*Early American Imprints, Series II. Shaw-Shoemaker (1801-1819)

*Early Encounters in North America: Peoples, Cultures, and the Environment (Alexander Street)  

*Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) (Gale Cengage Learning)  

*Gateway to North America : People, Places, and Organizations of 19th-Century New York (EBSCO)

*The Gerritsen Collection of Aletta H. Jacobs (ProQuest)  

*The Making of Modern Law : Legal Treatises 1800-1926 (Gale Cengage Learning)

*The Making of the Modern World (Gale Cengage Learning)

*NAACP papers  (ProQuest)

*Nineteenth Century Collections Online (Gale Cengage Learning)  

*Popular Medicine in America, 1800-1900 (Adam Matthew)

ProQuest Historical Newspapers – Black Newspapers (ProQuest)

*Sabin Americana, 1500-1926 (Gale Cengage Learning)

*Slavery & Anti-Slavery : A Transnational Archive (Gale Cengage Learning)

*Smithsonian collections online (Gale Cengage Learning)

*Social and Cultural History : Letters and Diaries Online (Alexander Street)

* Women and Social Movements (ProQuest)