That Old PV Spirit By Clearance Lee Turner

This is the time of the year when college students throughout the United States prepare for Homecoming. I would like to remind you that as you prepare to enter cars, floats, etc. in the parade and have your best suit cleaned, and buy corsages that this is not all that goes into making Homecoming what it should and ought to be.


Stop and ask yourself the question. What is the major event that is to take place during the Homecoming activities? I am sure as you think about it without a doubt you will say the football game. Will the beautifully decorated cars help the team win? Will the lovely corsages and warm winter suits help the team win? No. The only thing that is going to help the team and give us that Homecoming feeling is that…good old P. V. spirit.

How do we get this spirit–by going to the bon fire, pep rallies and boosting our team. There is an old saying that love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage…well that good old P. V. spirit and our team go together like a car and a garage. Now you take a new car and let it stay out in the weather and never build a garage to protect it; by the time you get ready to use it it is all run down. That is the same way it is with the team. Now you take a good team and put them on a football field to play ball and give them no support; by the time that the last quarter comes around and you feel like supporting them, the team is either tired, disgusted because you did not support them, or maybe they could be like the new car…run down.

Do we want to win?

Yes, we want to win and in order to win we must support our team!

Band, strike up the music; cheerleaders, start your cheers; and, students, get that good old P. V. spirit because we are not going to let our team play our Homecoming game without our support.



Clearance Lee Turner, editorial, “That Old PV Spirit,” The Prairie View (TX) Panther 36:3 (November 11, 1961), p.4. Click HERE to read the original article.